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Victor Elkins.

Business growth specialist

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Victor’s fascination with computers and technology began nearly 40 years ago. In his teens, he not only mastered multiple programming languages but also gained national recognition for his expertise in network security. Although he studied AP programming in high school (founding the first class on C/C++ programming in his high school’s history) and started college with a focus on Computer Science, he shifted his passion to music. He graduated from a specalized music school and went on to teach hundreds of students across various institutions, juggling as many as 40 tutoring sessions a week. His talent led him to collaborate with Grammy winners and compose music featured on national television.

However, family priorities changed his trajectory. After marrying into the music business, not wanting to miss his children’s formative years by touring extensively, Victor transitioned back into IT. He swiftly climbed the ranks, becoming the lead network administrator for top-tier companies. Victor’s entrepreneurial spirit then led him to establish businesses. He has written code in 9 different programming languages and has programmed applications with paying customers in five different countries. He has overseen millions in adspend and built a company which grossed $2.5 million annually, three years in a row. After selling it for a seven-figure sum, he joined forces with Adam Harper, a seasoned real estate investor and agent. Together, they co-founded the Harper-Elkins group. Their dedication and relentless research culminated in the creation of Passive GCI, the first-of-its-kind passive income system for real estate agents.


2015- 2024
Sam Ovens, Uplevel Consulting, 7-Figure Mastermind, Quantum Mastermind. Manhattan,, New York; Santa Monica, CA. Sales, marketing, business administration, personal development

Perry Marshall

Business Mastermind, Tampa, FL. Business administration, marketing, sales

2017 - 2024
Dr. John Demartini

Master Planning, Empyerance I, Prophecy I, Breakthrough Experience. Chicago, IL; Houston, TX. Personal development, philosophy

Dan Sullivan

Primary Program, Toronto, Canada. Business administration, business organization, personal assessment, staff assessment

Kevin Nations

Sales Mastermind, Las Vegas, NV. Sales, sales team management and organization

Ben Settle

Email Mastermind, St. Petersburg, FL. Email marketing, copywriting

Atlanta Institute of Music

Atlanta, GA. Drum and Percussion Performance, session recording, jazz performance

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